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Unlock the power of data with our new Python for Statistics course! Dive into the world of data analysis and predictive modeling, and equip yourself with the most sought-after skills in today’s research and job environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your career!

Python For Statistics

This course will delve into the development of straightforward, simple and effective Python scripts working on a case study. Participants will get the opportunity to implement statistical analysis while simultaneously learning Python. The course includes hands-on examples and notebooks. It’s designed to be highly interactive, featuring in-class exercises and group work whenever possible. Participants should bring a background in statistics and interest in seeing their knowledge applied to solve concrete questions.

We will learn how to plot and describe the data, how to manipulate basic data-structures in Python, how to write functions that compute confidence intervals, perform hypothesis testing, linear regression, contingency tables, and bootstrapping.

It is suited for people with statistics knowledge, interested in improving their programming skills in Python.
The course will take place remotely, you will have your own Jupyter notebook to work with and code while we do the course. At the end of the “Python for Statistics” course, you will have your own functions and routines to perform your analysis without the help of other software packages.

Some practice in any language (e.g. R, MatLab, Fortran, C) is necessary for a smooth participation. Knowledge of basic statistics is a prerequisite to participate. Experts in programming or Python may find a course on “Introduction to Applied Statistics” more useful.

Dates: September 2-3-4, 2024
Time: From 9am to 4pm CET, online. This also includes the time to work through your own scripts in Python.
Registration: Open: email
Deadline for registration: August 25th, 2024
Price: 500 EUR/Participant
Class size: We will take a maximum of 20 participants for this class. People registering beyond this class size will be included in the waiting list.

After the class, the participants will receive a full set of Jupyter notebooks containing all solutions to the exercises, including additional information and methods. In addition, they will receive a set of short summaries about the statistics methods covered during the classes. Participants actively taking part in the course will receive a participation certificate.

Angelo Valleriani

Theoretical physicist turned into a multidisciplinary scientist

I’ve been inspired by a diverse range of topics like malaria, cancer, and gene expression, applying this knowledge in my teachings. My teaching now focuses on applied statistics, where I blend theory and experiment to elucidate the math behind randomness. Despite my affinity for the mathematical details, I understand the importance of intuition in teaching. On this website, I offer courses designed for those who are curious or preparing for a professional course, aiming to make complex statistical theories accessible to all.


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